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Tusker House


An exotic-for-Walt Disney World buffet, Tusker House offers guests a taste of African flavors without pushing the envelope to far. You eat in a large hall, which can be a bit dark at times, with the buffet lines at one end. This can make for a long haul for your next plate, but as we see it, we're working off the calories from the first plate, so pile it on! In the morning, this space is used for Donald's Safari Breakfast.

Next door to the main restaurant is the Kusafiri Coffee Shop, which offers quick snacks and beverages that make a decent quick breakfast if Africa is your first stop. And on the other side of the main restaurant door is the Dawa Bar, one of the few full-service bars in any park. OK, not quite full-service, but in addition to a selection of beers, there are several rum cocktails available.

You can also pick up fresh fruit at the Harambe Fruit Market, a nicely themed kiosk that fits perfectly in the land.


Tusker House was once a counter service restaurant, but has switched over to a sit-down buffet. This occurred after Yak & Yeti was opened, so for a while the only table service meal to be had in the Animal Kingdom was Donald's Breakfastosaurus!


If you are looking for authentic African or Indian food, you'll only get the barest hint of it here. As with Marrakesh and Akershus in Epcot, Disney is careful not to turn the average American palate away. Still, you are going to find something quite different from steak and seafood here, and it just might be a gateway for you (or your kids) to try something more adventurous, perhaps at one of the three fine restaurants at the nearby Animal Kingdom Lodge. When you're talking about dining in the theme park, this is a cut above the rest in terms of food quality, although the decor and price leave a little to be desired.

Touring Tips

  • During busy times, a good time to catch a late or last-minute reservation is right around when the parade is to start. Or, if you want to catch the parade, why not make a reservation for 15 minutes after it starts? You can check in at the front, then stand there watching the floats go by while waiting for your table.
  • If you reserve a table between 1:00 and 1:40 PM, you will be given tickets for the 3:15 showing of Finding Nemo: The Musical. The seats are pretty good, and this is usually the most crowded show of the day, so if you can squeeze lunch in at that time, do so. During busier seasons, seatings between 1:50 and 2:30 will be given tickets to the 4:45 show.

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