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Finding Nemo - the Musical


Finding Nemo - The Musical is the latest in the line of Disney movies abbreviated for the stage at a Disney park. It joins such successful shows as Beauty and the Beast (Hollywood Studios), Aladdin (California Adventure, but sadly scheduled to close in 2010), Snow White (formerly at Disneyland), and The Lion King (Disneyland Paris). The two things that set this show apart are that this is the first Pixar movie that Disney has adapted, and it is also the first non-musical to appear on the stage in the parks. As the title suggests, music was added for this presentation, including a theme song that has also found its way into the main attraction at The Seas with Nemo and Friends in Epcot.

Most of the actors control puppets that represent the characters they portray, but make no attempt to hide. At several points in the show, the cast comes out onto a runway cutting through the orchestra section, making the audience feel like they are fully immersed in the story. This reaching out really helps to get guests into the fantasy of the underwater show.


This building (or at least this site) was formerly home to the popular Tarzan Rocks! show, and before that, Journey into the Jungle Book.


Finding Nemo - The Musical is a high-energy, crowd-pleasing show that will delight audiences of all ages, even those who have not seen the movie. Anyone who has seen Legend of the Lion King in Disneyland Paris, or The Lion King on or off Broadway, will have an easy time adjusting to the combination of actors and props that represent the characters. Those who have not will still find themselves switching easily between puppet and person, paying attention now to the swimming fish, now to the facial expressions of the very well-prepared cast. The editing necessary to cut a 90-minute movie down to a 45-minute stage show is wonderfully done without removing any essential plot elements or leaving the audience groping (compare that to the narration during Beauty and the Beast when Belle is miraculously transported to the Beast's castle).

This is one not to miss.


Touring Tips

  • There really aren't any bad seats in the house, so if you arrive late (within 15 minutes of showtime), go on in anyway.
  • The very best seats will be in the center and near left and right sections of the back of the theater, as they afford the best view of the cast when they come out onto the runway.

Hidden Treasures

  • Stick around for a bit after the show is over, rather than dashing for the exits. The seagulls serenade you in their own unique way.


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