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A counter-service restaurant on the Africa side of Discovery Island, Pizzafari offers up Disney-style pizza in the funkiest dining rooms in all of Walt Disney World. Each of the five dining rooms features wall and ceiling paintings and decorations, and each has its own theme. See if you can recognize the camouflage room, the upside-down room, the nocturnal room, the four seasons room, and the annoying room.

Instead of the typical cheese and pepperoni pizza, guests can choose an Italian sandwich or Caesar salad with chicken (hmmm... I guess Italy is close to Africa...). Kid's meals are pizza or macaroni and cheese. See the most recent updates at AllEars.Net. In the morning, Pizzafari serves traditional breakfast food as well as a breakfast pizza, along with the usual beverages and pastries.


Pizzafari was one of the four original counter-service restaurants in the Animal Kingdom.


WDW doesn't in general do pizza very well, but they don't do it horribly, either. This restaurant follows suit - the pizza is on the sweet side, the dough is puffy, but it certainly can be a hit with the kids. It is pricier here than at the other parks, for some reason, but at least you can wash it down with a Safari Amber Ale - try that at Pizza Planet! We recommend the Italian sandwich as an alternative to the pizza. Breakfast food is unremarkable but good - the breakfast pizza tastes essentially like an egg biscuit. All in all, this restaurant is worth going to once for the decor alone, but the Animal Kingdom has better food available elsewhere.

Touring Tips

  • If you like privacy, find the Annoying Room (also called the Bug Room by some, but we heard the name from a Cast Member at Pizzafari). During the less busy times of the year, the doors to this gazebo-like dining area are closed, so very few guests know it is there. It's also worth a shot when you can't find a table during the busy times.
  • If you're really hungry in the morning, and on the Dining Plan, it's tough to beat this place for breakfast value. You get one entree, two drinks, and a dessert for one quick-service credit.

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